How To Overcome Objections, Sell Over Setbacks and Master The One Call Close Without Having To Push Prospects Into Purchasing From You
In this FREE video you’ll learn what (B+T) + (I+D) + F = CLOSED means and why it’s one of, if not THE, most powerful equation ever concocted for salespeople. To master this formula is to become the master of the one call close.
Over the course of just a few fast and short minutes I’ll share with you what the formula means and how you can apply it to whatever it is you are selling. If your marketing yields you inbound leads, this formula will instantly increase your closing ratios when applied correctly. No matter how good you are now.

You'll also learn:
  • Why prospects throw out objections like “let me think about it”
  • How to cut objections off before they are given to you
  • How to disrput the thinking pattern of prospects
  • Why this program UIL Selling is the best Inbound lead sales process ever invented
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